Monday, February 9, 2009

Ngikutin Sasa dan Aldy..

Ngeliat Sasa ama Aldy nge-post yg kayak gini,,jadi pengen juga ikutan.. Hehe..

Ngembat dari
Lumayan lah buat lucu-lucuan.. XD

  • You are Yellow Pegasus, who is charming but short tempered woman.
  • You posses charms and well liked personality.
  • You tend to be rather too emotional and over reactive, in that you can cry your eye out on nothing, or be impressed by small things.
  • From others you look very sociable, and likes being with people.
  • But inside, you are sensitive and nervous, you are extremely cautious, and are only acting to look sociable.
  • Nevertheless, you can easily trust people, and tend to be soft hearted.
  • You should be careful not to be deceived.
  • You have great talent and intelligence.
  • You are very active person and are always busy.
  • Your emotions and actions are combined and you can work on great speed.
  • You don't let other people come near you, and therefore tend to work on your own.
  • You are also able to manipulate others to help you do your work.
  • Someone who can understand your sensitivity and someone who can bring out your talent like a big sister will be a great help for you.
  • You have too many likes and dislikes.
  • You are temperamental tom-boy type of woman.
  • You possess good speculative talent, and may be able to make huge amount of money.
  • Although you are not a great spender, sometimes you easily spend great amount on impulse.
  • You will experience grand passion when young.
  • A lot of this type of people tends to get remarried as well.
  • Health wise, you should be careful about your stomach and liver.
  • Having sunshine may do you good.
Bisa ya,,bisa tidak.. Terserah anda.. XD


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