Sunday, June 16, 2013

What Makes Me Happy?

Most of you might think 'who cares', right? Well, I do *obviously* and apparently, Cella from Sleepy Kelinci Kecil does too 'cause she tagged me! *ge er* xD

The rules are that you have to tag and link back to the person who tagged you, and then post about 6 things that make you happy then tag 6 other bloggers. Don't forget to let them know that they're tagged.

So, what makes me happy?

1. Delicious Foods

Yum. I looove to eat and my favourite foods are Italian food and breakfast foods. I am often in my very best mood after I eat. I'm easy like that, I guess.

2. Clear Skies

This is an instant mood booster for me. Be it day or night, sun ray or moonlight, if the sky is clear, I couldn't help but grin. I remember texting my friends, telling how beautiful the moon that one night, and one of them texted me back asking if I was flirting with her. :|

3. New Stuffs

Who doesn't love new stuffs, right? I love getting new stuffs, especially if they were mailed to you. You know, like when you buy something online. It's like birthday and who's not happy getting present? 

4. Hanging Out With My Girls

Of course. Hanging out, goofing around, wondering about without specific purpose like we have all the time in the world with my friends always cheer me up. :3

5. Finding Great Book or Movie

You know when you have no or only a little expectation when you start reading a book or watching  a movie but the book or the movie turns out to be great? Whenever this happened to me, happy would be an understatement. Excited and thrilled would be more likely.

6. Little Family Moment

Laughing together about an inside joke, or reminiscing about our last family vacation never fails to make me feel all warm and happy inside. :)

Okay, so those are the 6 things that make me happy. There are some other more, but if I wrote all of it, I would bore the life out of you, so I won't. Relax.

Anyway, I'm going to tag you:
1. Puti from burn out burn
2. Michu from FRESH
3. Suci from Sugar Clump
4. Frey from ~Pensieve in Me~
5. Inge from Luch Luch Craft
6. Rifka from My DELLilah

Do the tag if you want to and have the time to do it. I'm not gonna force you or anything, but I'll be happy if you do it. ;P

Let me know if you've done it, okay?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman

Hey hey, I'm back with another book review and it's June already. Ramadhan's just around the corner and I totally can't wait. x3

Okay. Let's just move to the review, shall we?

Nobody Owens, or Bod, was only a baby when his whole family was murdered by a man named Jack. Bod managed to crawl his way out of the house before Jack could get to him and go to a graveyard uphill from his house.

Jack couldn't finish his job for when he got to the graveyard Bod was already got taken care of. Not in the way Jack wanted him to be, though.

Mistress Owens found Bod before any harm could get to him and she and her husband decided to adopt the baby. Although, there's  this one little thing. They're a couple of ghosts.

Initially, most of the ghosts objected the Owens' decision to keep the baby. I mean, how could ghosts take care of a human being, an alive human being? But they finally agreed to let the baby live inside the graveyard after Silas, the undead nor the living, volunteered to be the baby's guardian. Oh and also, 'the Lady who rode up on the Grey horse' said that the dead should have charity.

So, that's how Bod got to live and be raised in a graveyard.

Basically the book is about how a boy live and grow up and learn stuffs in a graveyard, surrounded by ghosts. Each chapter is a short story with a problem of its own as Bod growing up, like befriending an alive girl for a first time, making a tombstone for a witch ghost, opening a Ghoul's Gate. Bod's even got to experience school life, even though it was only for a short time.

Jack did come to kill Bod and finally finish his job, but the resolution is not very satisfying if you ask me.

All in all, the book is an easy read. The story flows like a bedtime story does as it makes me a bit sleepy and bored every time I read it. It took me a pretty long time to finish the book and I'm not actually loving the book as much as I thought I would, but the illustrations helps a bit. 

OH, one other thing, in the book, it was never mentioned what creature Silas is. Throughout the book, I was always thinking that he was a vampire, but I'm still not so sure. Has anyone read the book? Can somebody tell me what he is?

Hmm, that's very much it, I guess.

Until later, peeps.

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