Monday, January 5, 2009

Tagged by Diraawr... +_+

Got tagged...
Here it is..

The rules are :
1. Answer all the question brought to you
2. You can change the question with the new one as long it related to the word
3. You can change the word too…*but in Japanese of course*
4. Tag your friends!

Ok, let’s start!
A : Ai (love)
If love has a color, what would it be?
hmm.. it must be colorful,,i guess..
B : ばかりBakari (to much to do)
What is the thing you’re doing too much lately?
doing nothing.. yea,,i'm lazy.. i know,,i know..
C: 地球Chikyuu (earth)
What do you think about the earth we live in?
i love earth..
D : どきどきDokidoki (heart beat)
When do you feel your heart beating fast?
when i'm running?? yes
E : 笑顔Egao (smile)
Do you like to smile to everyone?
yea.. and even to often that my friends think i'm silly.. @_@
F : 振り向くFurimuku (looking back)
If you look back, what’s there?
my past??
G : 学校Gakkou (school)
What things do you like from your school?
the atmosphere..
H : 始めるHajimeru (first time)
What is things that you do for the first time lately?
hmm.. ripping a dvd.. XD and failed ripping it's subs.. argh! DX
I : Ie (house)
What kind of house do you live in?
only an ordinary house..
J : 自分Jibun(myself)
Tell me about yourself!
i am who i am.. XD
K : 言葉Kotoba (word)
What’s your favorite word(s)?
words? i love words.. every words.. hard to choose..
M : もしMoshi (if…)
If you could be in another world, what would the world be?
a world where kids don't grow up.. grown up's sucks! XD
N : Nen (year)
Your plans on next year are…
being a better me..
O : 音楽Ongaku (music)
What kind of music do you hear?
any music which beat is faster or as fast as my heartbeat..
P : ぺこぺこPekopeko (hungry)
Are you hungry right now? What do you want to eat?
not really.. but a slice of blueberry cheese cake won't hurt.. XD
R : 旅行 Ryokou (travel)
Do you like to travel? Why?
sure.. it's fun to see new things..
S : 好きSuki (like)
Tell me the things you like!
books,,music,,friends,,home,,amazingly-cute kids,,and many other.. XD
T : Toki (time)
What do you think about “time”?
i really do hope i have more time than i do now..
U : 運命 (fate) Unmei
Do you believe in fate?
W : 笑うWarau (laugh)
Do you easy to laugh?
Y : 呼び名Yobina (nick name)
Your nick name(s) is/are?
Z : 絶対Zettai (must)
The thing(s) you must have everyday is/are...
resting time..

...and the lucky one who is tagged is aichan!! XD


aisha_putri said...

entar ya dit,,insya ALLAH :p

aBoo said...

oke.. :D

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