Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Udah lama gak nge-post sesuatu berlabel recently read, jadi ya here it is.

Matryoshka by Yuki Andou. One-shot, 50 halaman, and by far it made it to my favorite list. Ringan dan manis, just the way i like it. :3

Ceritanya tentang Yuuri (who's a guy anyway) yang udh pernah 15 kali pacaran selama 19 tahun hidupnya. Semua kisah cintanya berantakan, soalnya si Yuuri ini agak aneh. Bayangin aja, dia pernah berencana ngasih magic wand, a toy, buat pacarnya yang 3 tahun lebih tua as a Christmas gift. Nuts, isn't he?

Nah, si Yuuri ini, punya childhood friend, named Nina (the heroine). Yuuri would always come crying to Nina every time he got dumped by his girlfriend, and Nina would always sigh and cheered him up.

Satu hari di awal cerita, Yuuri comes crying to Nina. Dia baru aja diputusin pacarnya gara-gara ngasih Matryoshka as a birthday present.

Buat yang gak tau matryoshka itu apa, menurut Wikipedia

A matryoshka doll, or babushka doll is a Russian nesting doll which is a set of dolls of decreasing sizes placed one inside the other.

Well, you'll know it once you read the manga, so chill.

Then, as Nina opening each doll up, Yuuri remembering the past memories of him he spent with Nina, and realizing that he's actually been ridiculously in love with her since the very beginning. Dan seperti yang diharapkan, Nina too has always loved Yuuri, and that's your happy ending.

Maniiissss~ Baca sendiri deh biar lebih paham.

P.S. Yes, i'm slacking. Ben Willis from the movie Cashback said that doing something else other than the work you're supposed to do is addictive. Can't agree more.

Oh, and about that picture i posted last time, it got neglected. Yay me. *facepalm*


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