Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Top 5 Animals I Wish I Could Have

I'm not a pet person, but there are actually some animals that I think would be nice to be kept as a pet.

Those animals are:

1. Tiger

Look at it, how majestic is it? Every time I watch Aladdin, I'm always jealous of Princess Jasmine. Not just because Aladdin's one hot lad but also because she has a tiger pet. To me, tigers are just so beautiful. My favorite animal, ever.

2. Polar Bear

They're super cute. So fluffy and pillow-like. God, I wish I could have one to hug and cuddle with, and still be alive afterwards.

3. Black Panther

Just how mysterious looking are they, right? I know they kinda look just like a big black cat, but, I don't know, there's something about them.

4. Penguin

They wear tux and they walk funny. Also, they mate for life. I think that's enough reasons to love them.

5. Siberian Husky

I think of all the animals I listed above, Siberian Husky is the only one that is common as pet. But, since I'm a Moslem, and honestly, afraid of dogs, I can't have it. They're so handsome, though. Their eyes are just...., oh God.


Cella said...

mau tanya, emang kalo moslem ga bolh miara anjing ya?

Andita Budhi Utami said...

Masalahnya bukan boleh gak boleh sih, ada juga temenku yg muslim yang miara anjing. Masalahnya itu kalo kena air liur anjingnya. Kalo bersihinnya gak bener, sholatnya jadi gak sah, dan bersihinnya itu repot, harus pake tanah segala.

Kira2 gitu deh. Semoga menjawab >_<

Vina said...


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