Sunday, December 23, 2012

Top 5 Authors I Admire

Whoa! It's been a week since my last post! >_<

Yeah, I'm at home, so I've been leyeh-leyeh-ing all day long, curling up in my bed, and not caring about the world. Also, the internet at home was being some kinda b*tch, causing all the late posting. *lame-o reason, I know*

Anyway, let's get it on with the Top 5 Challenge, shall we?

This time for the challenge is my favorite author. Hmm. Let's just have at it.

1. John Grisham

He's my most favorite story-teller. He knows damn well how to make the story line goes smooth and interesting. I never know what's gonna happen next whenever I read one of his books. I mean, I always guess, but then I always be wrong, you know? And I hate it when I can guess what's gonna happen, what's the twist, and so on, so I love Grisham's way of story telling. He's a bit lacking in putting a gorgeous ending in each of his book, though. But, I don't mind it, I enjoy the journey. I haven't read all of his published books, but I'm on my way. ;)

2. Meg Cabot

I know none of his book made my top 5 list, but honestly, I love all her books that I've read. Except maybe for All American Girl, but that's only one book, so we can just forget about it. Also, it's too hard for me to pick just one to put on the list. But really, her writing is so easy-digested, perfect for a light-in-between reading.

3. J. K. Rowling

All right, I have to put her on the list. Harry Potter series is one of my very first book collection and also has some influence in my book genre preference. Okay fine, big influence. Not only that, the research for the series was also amazing. I can't tell you why I said amazing, because I totally forget all the details. I only remember it being amazing, so just accept it, 'kay? *sesuka hati*

4. Michael Crichton

The late Michael Crichton was probably one of awesome authors whose most of his books made into movies. It's not just one or two, it's more than that! There's Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Timeline, Sphere, Rising Sun, and more, way more. Which other author has the privilege of having most of his books turns into movies? And I'm talking different title, not a series or some recurring character or something. Wasn't he great?

5. Dee a.k.a Dewi Lestari

Yeah, finally a local writer. It's not that I don't like Indonesian writers, it's just that I don't read a lot of Indonesian books. I don't even have any of Dee's books. I like them, love them, but not interested in having them. I don't know why, it's weird. Anyway, the first Dee's book that I read was Supernova: Akar. I rent the book from my high school's library and I'm telling you, I didn't understand what was happening in the book. Years later, came Rectoverso. I was already in college and my close friend just bought the book. Having nothing else to do in class, it was a boring-large-you-couldn't-even-see-the-lecturer class, I tried reading it. I loved it. I even shed tears. Then I try reading Perahu Kertas and Filosofi Kopi. Loved them. I know I just only read a few of her books, and all of them was lent from a friend, but I know she's very talented with words and I admire her for that.

In conclusion, a well-laid plot and thorough research will always win me over. I'm complicated like that. *trololololol* *kidding* *not really, though* :P

p.s. I guess I'm gonna catch up to the challenge list, and I'm like 6 posts behind, so, behold, lots-a posts a-coming! *fingers-crossed*

Friday, December 14, 2012

Top 5 Songs I've Been Replaying Lately

I'm not really in a mood to post, but since I've made the commitment, I gotta make post.

Without further ado, here's the list.

Yea, I'm a K-Pop fan, a VIP and Blackjack to be exact. :P

But I'm not a hardcore fan or anything like that. I just think BIGBANG and 2NE1 are awesome. And full of swag.

Anyway, I feel like I have to elaborate each point on the list, but I'm kinda lazy, so I just hyperlink each song to youtube. You know, just in case any of you beloved reader want to hear the song.

Well, I guess that's all. See ya on the next Top 5 list! :3

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Top 5 (Favorite) Movies of All Time

For day 5, the category is 'Movie'. This is way more difficult than I thought. I have far too many favorite movies. But after some debating with myself, I think I'm just gonna go with these 5 titles.

1. The Lion King (1994)

I know I was only 4 years old when the movie's released, for the first time, but I've been watching this movie so often that I can reenact some scenes perfectly with all the lines and intonations. This is the Disney movie I grew up with.

Here's my favorite scene and lines in the movie:
Banzai: Yeah, be prepared! We'll be prepared... for what? 
Scar: For the death of the king!  
Banzai: Why? Is he sick?  
Scar: No, fool, we're going to kill him. And Simba, too.  
Shenzi: Hey, great idea! Who needs a king?  
BanzaiShenzi: [singing and dancing around Ed] No king, no king, la la la la la la...  
Scar: Idiots! There will *be* a king!  
Banzai: Hey, but you said that...  
Scar: *I* will be king. Stick with me, and you'll never go hungry again!  
BanzaiShenzi: Yeah, all right! Long live the king! [other hyenas join in 
BanzaiShenzi: Long live the king! Long live the king!  

2. Exam (2009)

If you look this movie up on IMDB, its rating is actually not quite good. But I think, this movie is beyond genius. The movie is 101 minutes long, with only 1 main background setting and only 10 talents in total. I mean, how genius is that? With that kind of 'condition', the movie's plot is like the number 1 selling point, right? And  this time around, finding a movie with a decent plot is not as easy as I want. 

There's this 1 Hollywood movie I watched, with all the explosion and crazy ass amazing CG. I liked the prequel, and was kinda hoping that the sequel would be at least as good. But when I watch it, I was like, what the what? That movie's production must spend a fortune, and the story line couldn't suck more. See what I mean?

I believe there are some other movie, that's not a drama, that have great story line. But I think Exam is just exceptional with only 1 main background setting and only 10 cast members.

3. Finding Nemo (2003)

This movie's just full of lessons, if you ask me. Marlin kinda reminds me of someone I know, and I totally get how Nemo felt.

And Dory? How adorable is she? With the "just keep swimming, just keep swimming..." and all the optimism, she's easily my favorite character in Finding Nemo.

And the sharks? The Australian turtles? Clever jokes. Me likey.

Don't forget everyone, fish are friends, not food.

Kidding. I love seafood.

4. RocknRolla (2008)

I love European guys in a movie, British men in particular. But among all, I love Gerard Butler the most. He's just hot.

When this movie was shown on TV, and I noticed Gary Butler was in it, I thought, I gotta have that movie and watch it properly, 'cause you know, in our local TV, there's a lot of things they censored out and I can't watch a movie like that.

So I got the movie, and watched it, and fell in love. Gary Butler is just as hot as ever, but there's this one character who's even hotter. His name (the character) was Archy, and he's played by Mark Strong. Weird thing is, I don't find Mark Strong as hot as Archy.

Archy was the character narrating the movie. I don't know but I have a thing for a movie with a narration, especially if the voice of the narrator is irresistible. In short, Archy is exactly how I imagined a perfect old-school British man would be like, and I like it.

5. Face/Off (1997)

John Travolta and Nicolas Cage's acting is unbelievably amazing in this movie. Both make a great protagonist and antagonist. Confused?

In this movie, Travolta and Cage kinda switched roles. Travolta was originally the good guy, and Cage was the crazy bad guy. Then the crisis happened, and suddenly Cage was the good guy, and Travolta was the bad guy. Got it?

They actually switched faces. That's why the movie's called Face/Off, 'cause Travolta and Cage both had their faces 'off' their head and 'on' to the other head. I know, they're nothing like each other. But their acting? Whew~

Also, the characters' names in the movie are somewhat based on Greek and Roman myth/tale. Cage was Castor Troy, his brother was Pollux Troy, and Travolta was Sean Archer. Yet another reason to put this on the top 5 list. :D

So, I guess that's it. I still have other titles in my mind, but let's just say this 5 is my have-to-be-on-the-list favorite movies. 'kay? :P

What a long post, huh?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Top 5 Animals I Wish I Could Have

I'm not a pet person, but there are actually some animals that I think would be nice to be kept as a pet.

Those animals are:

1. Tiger

Look at it, how majestic is it? Every time I watch Aladdin, I'm always jealous of Princess Jasmine. Not just because Aladdin's one hot lad but also because she has a tiger pet. To me, tigers are just so beautiful. My favorite animal, ever.

2. Polar Bear

They're super cute. So fluffy and pillow-like. God, I wish I could have one to hug and cuddle with, and still be alive afterwards.

3. Black Panther

Just how mysterious looking are they, right? I know they kinda look just like a big black cat, but, I don't know, there's something about them.

4. Penguin

They wear tux and they walk funny. Also, they mate for life. I think that's enough reasons to love them.

5. Siberian Husky

I think of all the animals I listed above, Siberian Husky is the only one that is common as pet. But, since I'm a Moslem, and honestly, afraid of dogs, I can't have it. They're so handsome, though. Their eyes are just...., oh God.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Top 5 Places To Visit Before I Die

There's a saying; a picture is worth a thousand words. Let's just do that.

Here comes the list (of pictures, I know).

1. The Bahamas

2. Italy

3. France

4. Spain

5. Tahiti Island

Oh I need a getaway. A get-out-of-a-city-away.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Top 5 Books That I Love


Jadi kategori pertama adalah 'Books'. Gampang-gampang susah nih kayaknya. Let's just start with the list, shall we? :D

1. The Amulet of Samarkand (The Bartimaeus Trilogy, #1), by Jonathan Stroud

Mungkin buku ini biasa aja buat orang lain, tapi buat gw buku ini berkesan banget. Cara narasi-nya menurut gw unik, apalagi footnote-footnote konyol di bab-bab Bartimaeus. Plot-wise, sebetulnya standar aja, tapi karakter-karakternya bro, sangat kuat. Bart, Nate, dan Kitty itu karakter yang spesial banget buat gw. I love them. Even the other magical trio, if you know who I mean, didn't make this kinda impression on me.

Another thing that I love from the book is Stroud's view on the magic world. It's uniquely different, and weirdly believable.

As for why this book is number 1? Karena buku ini adalah buku pertama yang gw baca ulang. And yep, only the first book of the trilogy. The other two books are equally good, but you'll never forget your first, won't you? ;P

2. The Partner, by John Grisham

Oke, siapa yang belum pernah denger nama John Grisham? Semua pencinta buku pasti pernah deh ya denger namanya. Denger aja, atau liat namanya di toko buku, pasti pernah dong ya. *maksa*

Jujur aja, genre favorit gw itu fantasy atau adventure juga boleh deh. Kok bisa bukunya Grisham masuk list favorite books? Jadi gini awalnya. Di rumah itu banyak buku karangannya pak Grisham soalnya bokap gw suka banget sama buku-buku karangannya dia. Nah, pas waktu itu, gw lagi keabisan bacaan. Bete, hilir mudik *lebay*, gw liat-liat lemari buku bokap gw. Penasaran juga, kayak apa sih bukunya John Grisham itu? Pilih-pilih, baca-baca sinopsis belakangnya, akhirnya si The Partner inilah yang kepilih buat gw coba baca.

And you know what, I was hooked. Caranya si John Grisham cerita di buku ini tuh pinter banget, gw gak ngerti lagi. Alurnya baguuus. Gw baca itu buku semaleman, gak pake tidur, and by morning, I was already  a Grisham fan.

3. Artemis Fowl (Artemis Fowl, #1), by Eoin Colfer

Gw sebetulnya suka semua buku di serinya sih, tapi karna judulnya Top 5 Books, jadi 'terpaksa' deh pilih yang nomor 1.

What I love from the book or the series is pretty much everything. I love how genius young Artemis is, how strong Butler is, how heroic Holly is, how disgusting Diggums is, and how the characters grow throughout the plot.

Each book has different crisis and in every book the adventure of Arty, Butler, Holly, and Diggums never fail to amuse me. Di Indonesia bukunya baru terbit sampe jilid 5, jadi gw baru baca sampe jilid 5, and I hardly can wait to read the next book.

On a side note, I really think that Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson would make a great, if not best, Domovoi Butler.

4. Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett

Gw sebenernya gak niat beli buku ini. Pas lagi liat-liat buku yang mau dibeli, gw liat buku ini. First judgement, covernya menarik, sinopsis belakangnya juga sesuai selera. Sempet ragu awalnya, harganya lumayan soalnya, tapi karna emang lagi butuh bacaan, akhirnya gw beli. Trus gw juga udah pernah baca salah satu buku karangannya Neil Gaiman, Interworld, dan menurut gw lumayan, jadi dicoba aja deh.

Gw suka banget humornya di buku ini. Ada banyak banget sarcasm dan irony. Not to mention, the idea of the good and bad side in this book, I just love it.

Buku ini mungkin agak religion-insensitive kalo dipikir-pikir. But hey, who doesn't like a little controversial read every now and then, right? :D

5. The Thirteenth Tale, by Diane Setterfield

Finally, a female writer, haha. Nggak sengaja juga sih ini, emang penulis-penulis favorit saya mayoritas lelaki, maklum saja ya. :P

Menurut gw yang paling keren di buku ini adalah plotnya. Alurnya smooth banget , bikin penasaran terus-terusan, dan twist di endingnya sukses bikin buku ini jadi salah satu buku favorit gw.

Di awal-awal cerita gw ngerasa agak lambat alurnya, dan agak boring, tapi begitu masuk ke tale-nya Ms. Vida Winter, langsung gak bisa berenti. Kayaknya karena inti ceritanya penuh skandal dan rahasia keluarga yang kelam ala Greek myth and tale deh gw tertarik banget sama buku ini.

So, those are my top 5 favorite books. It's actually not as hard as I thought it'd be. I mean, I do have a lot of books that I like, but these 5 books, I wouldn't mind to read them over and over and over again and still not be bored of them.

Okei then, see you on the next category of the challenge!

Yeah I Did It Again & The Top 5 Challenge

Oke gw bisa bikin banyak banget alesan as for why I didn't make any post sejak bulan Agustus. Sayangnya gw males beralasan dan gw yakin gak ada juga yang mau tau, ya kan? Setuju aja deh biar cepet, oke oke?

Tapi selama gw gak posting, gw bukannya gak buka-buka blogger sama sekali loh. Dashboard blogger selalu gw buka, tiap hari. Nah, kemudian suatu hari *lebay*, salah seorang blogger yang gw follow nge-post satu challenge yang dia bikin sendiri.

Here's the post, in case any of you reader interested: The Top 5

Awalnya gw biasa aja, tapi setelah post-nya yang kesekian, eh kayaknya kok asik ya, jadi pengen ikutan, hihihi.  Maka gw tanyalah ke yang punya challenge, a.k.a Cella, boleh gak pinjem challenge-nya, dan dia bilang boleh. So here goes

The challenge is that I have to make post about my own version of top/most liked/favorite/best/what-have-you 5 of these 20 categories;

  1. Books That I Love
  2. Places To Visit Before I Die
  3. Animals I Wish I Could Have
  4. (Favorite) Movies of All Time
  5. Songs I've Been Replaying Lately
  6. Authors
  7. Singers
  8. Foods
  9. Fashion Items
  10. Actors
  11. Actresses
  12. Inspirational Quotes
  13. Wildest Ambitions
  14. Things You Can't Live Without
  15. Places That You've Ever Visited
  16. Beauty Related Wish-list
  17. Gift Wish-list
  18. Things To Do on New Year's Eve
  19. Best Things on 2012
  20. New Year's Resolution for 2013

If anybody notices, gw ngeganti beberapa poin kategori dari original challenge-nya, kayak nomor 10, 11, ama 12. Trus, since I don't celebrate Christmas, I also made some changes on the Christmas related category, and added my own as no.20, New Year's Resolution for 2013. I have my reasons, and Cella, if you read this, I hope you don't mind. >_<

So I'm gonna start doing the challenge tonight, and hopefully I'll be finished before 2013.

Semoga selesai ya bray. Mulaai~

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Latest Addiction

I know, I know, harusnya gw ngepost review-review buku atau film yang baru-baru ini dibaca atau ditonton. Tapi apa daya, teman, diriku sungguh sedang tak berminat. Maka, biarlah gw nge-random dulu sesaat, savvy?

Begini random-annya.

Gw itu tipe orang yang gampang bosen, tapi gw juga tipe yang begitu seneng atau tertarik sama sesuatu, pasti jadi addict, dan terus-terusan addicted, sampe akhirnya gw bosen. Pas akhirnya gw bosen sama si sesuatu itu, gw pasti udah nemu hal lain lagi buat di-addict-in, and the evil cycle goes on and on.

Nah, sekarang-sekarang ini nih, gw lagi addicted sama make up related stuffs. Be that belanja make up online atau baca-baca (dan follow kadang-kadang) beauty blog orang, pokoknya gw lagi seneng-senengnya liat-liat make up.

Urusan pemakaian sih masih cupu level lah ya. Kalo jalan ke luar paling cuma pake BB cream, bedak, sama lip balm doang. Padahal perlengkapan sih udah lumayan lengkap, kayaknya. Gw udah punya eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, some lipsticks, lipglosses, dan lip tint pun saya sudah pernah beli. I'd still want some blush or bronzer maybe, dan lagi ngincer beli satu set make up brushes sekarang.

Sound like a waste of money now, doesn't it. Beli-beli dan tidak digunakan. Well, I'd like to see it as an investment. *pembenaran*

Tapi emang bener kan? Sekarang kan gw, ceritanya, lagi belajar. Nanti, kalo udah pede dengan segala kemampuan yang ada, baru deh. Semoga improving cepet deh ya, dengan gw baca-baca segala beauty blog yang bisa gw baca, considering I'm already 22. Girls my age seems to be using make up like a pro already, and I'm still a cupu. But I'm working on it, right? ;)

Well, it's just like what they say, better late than never, hihihihi.

Thanks for reading, toodles for now.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Again And Again

Waktu pindahan ke blog ini gw udah janji sama diri gw sendiri bakalan nge-post lebih sering, tapi apa yang terjadi sodara-sodara? Kemalasan melanda. Again. And again.

Parah banget nih emang kalo lagi liburan. Bawaannya pengen leyeh-leyeh doang.

Padahal ada cukup banyak kejadian yang worth-posted di bulan Juli, like my friends graduation day (selamat ya  para DKVrens '08), my parents 27th anniversary, even my own birthday. Belom lagi buku-buku yang gw baca yang harusnya gw review. Trus ada juga The Dark Knight Rises dan Brave yang gw tonton bulan lalu.

Ah payah banget deh gw.

Jadi gw gak akan janji apa-apa, tapi gw bakalan coba nge-post lebih sering lagi. Harus! Oyea! *apa coba*

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sphere - Michael Crichton

Okeeei, satu lagi buku dari Michael Crichton, dan ini buku Crichton terakhir yang gw baca. Kenapa? Karena oh karena, buku-buku Michael Crichton yang lain ada di rumah, sementara saya di kosan. Fortunately, I'm going home tomorrow. Huzzaah!

Jadi, seperti juga Timeline, Sphere ini genre-nya Sci-Fi. Dan seperti dua buku Crichton yang gw baca sebelumnya, buku ini juga brilian.

Ceritanya dimulai dengan dijemputnya seorang psikolog, Norman Johnson ke tengah-tengah Samudera Pasifik. Awalnya, Norman kira ini cuma salah satu tugas biasa dimana dia sebagai psikolog bertugas menangani korban selamat kecelakaan pesawat.

Ternyata, sesampainya di TKP, it was totally a different matter of situation. Emang sih ada kecelakaan pesawat di tengah lautan, pesawat luar angkasa that is.

Pas baca bukunya, gw juga bingung, kenapa kok ada psikolog dibawa-bawa ke tempat pesawat luar angkasa jatoh? Kok rasanya gak nyambung? Gak taunya, Norman Johnson, beberapa tahun sebelumnya, pernah terlibat dalam proyek rahasia Departemen Pertahanan tentang kondisi psikis bila bertemu dengan makhluk asing. Norman juga ngasih rekomendasi anggota tim yang paling ideal untuk menemui si makhluk asing.

Tim tersebut harus beranggotakan seorang ahli fisika perbintangan/geologi planet, zoologi/biokimia, matematika/logika, biologi kelautan/biokimia, dan seorang psikolog untuk mengamati tingkah laku seluruh anggota tim. Saat merekomendasikannya, Norman cuma sekedar menjalankan tugasnya. Dia skeptis akan ada pertemuan dengan makhluk asing suatu saat di masa depan. Nyatanya, beberapa tahun kemudian dia dipanggil untuk menjadi si psikolog dalam tim rekomendasinya sendiri.

Norman dan timnya harus turun 300 meter ke dasar laut. Mereka harus tinggal di habitat, semacam tempat tinggal dalam air, karena butuh seminggu untuk menyelidiki si pesawat tersebut.

Ketika akhirnya berhasil masuk ke pesawat, mereka menemukan banyak hal yang sulit dijelaskan. Di dalam, semua keterangannya berbahasa Inggris. Dan yang paling membingungkan adalah, adanya sebuah bola besar yang kelihatannya memang dari luar angkasa. Dan ditemukannya bola ini memulai segalanya.

Kalo pengen tau apa yang terjadi selanjutnya, baca aja bukunya, hehehe.

But seriously, this book is amazing. How brilliant a man can be, really. Gw baca buku ini gak sampe seharian. Bikin penasaran sampe akhir buku, gila-gilaan.

Dan yang bikin gw jatuh cinta sama buku ini adalah, though it was full of science and logic things, this book reminds you how important imagination is.

Sebagai mahasiswa fakultas seni rupa, how could I not love it, right? :P

Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Template!

As you can see, template baruu~ Oyeah, I'm liking it!

Lumayan lah hiburan, gonta-ganti template. It's uber cute, ain't it. :D

By the by, adakah sesiapa yang bisa mengajari diriku meletakkan emotikon-emotikon lucu secara permanen di blog? Bukan yang copy-paste URL, tapi yang as if it's installed gitu? Adakah? Anyone?

Oh, and I'm still broke.

Aaaah, ingin beli buku baruuu~ T^T

Dan Brave udah release.
Dan gw belom nonton Snow White and The Huntsman.
Dan Madagascar 3.

Uang, datanglah padakuuu~

Friday, June 22, 2012

A Case of Need - Michael Crichton

Setelah baca Timeline nya Crichton, gw jadi penasaran sama buku-bukunya yang lain. And I'm in luck, 'cause my father has some other Crichton's books on the shelf.

Ada beberapa judul yang menarik, tapi pas baca sinopsis nya, I decided to read this one first. And that was not a bad decision.

Buku ini inti ceritanya tentang seorang patolog, Dr. John Berry, yang berusaha membuktikan bahwa temannya, Dr. Arthur Lee, tidak bersalah. Lee dituduh melakukan praktek aborsi ilegal yang menyebabkan Karen Randall meninggal.

Berry, yang gak percaya bahwa Lee bersalah, melakukan investigasi sana-sini yang berakhir dengan kesimpulan bahwa Karen Randall tidak dalam keadaan hamil saat meninggal.

Seru kan? Seru kan? And that was only the beginning. Bukunya lumayan tebel dan investigasinya Berry lumayan ribet. Ada banyak istilah-istilah kedokteran yang bikin buku ini lebih keren lagi. Kalo di Timeline kan banyak penjelasan-penjelasan Fisika, yang mana gw gak ngerti, tapi di buku ini, istilah-istilahnya lebih mudah dicerna.

Asik deh bukunya. Gw mulai baca sore sekitar abis Maghrib, kelar sebelum Subuh besok harinya. Gak bisa berhenti baca, sumpah seru abis.

After reading this book, I kinda self-claimed being a Crichton's fan. I mean, the man was brilliant. Riset buat bukunya gak main-main. Mendetail luar biasa.

Kelar buku ini, gw langsung mulai baca Sphere.

But that's for another post.

Toodles for now! :D

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Major Find

I found it! Akhirnya ya Tuhan, setelah bertahun-tahun tanpa clue.

So, this actually happened yesterday, but I was way too lazy (and too excited) to post this, haha. Jadi kemaren siang Yuchan dan Inge did one of their ambush ke kosan gw. Long story short, di warung deket kosan setelah makan malem, we got to talk about movies.

Yuchan cerita soal film yang sebenernya udah gw cari-cari sejak lama. Kita berdua sama-sama lupa judulnya, soalnya itu film emang udah lama banget. Dan kita berdua kurang lebih nonton film itu sekitar tahun 1997-1998.

Gw inget banget plot ceritanya, tapi sama sekali lupa siapa nama si bocah tokoh utamanya. Yuchan bahkan cuma inget lagu Slumberland. But you know what, that's like the most important keyword ever. Gw langsung inget kalo di film itu si anak tokoh utamanya pergi ke tempat yang namanya Slumberland.

Sampe kosan gw langsung search 'slumberland animation', and I got it! I got the title!! Hooraaaay!!

Judul filmnya adalah Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland. Ada yang tau? Dan filmnya ternyata lebih tua lagi. Original versionnya ternyata Japanese, dan itu release nya taun 1989. Gw bahkan blum lahir. Dan U.S versionnya release tahun 1992. Still, old movie, right?

You know what's weird? Gw gak inget banyak kejadian waktu gw umur 7-8 tahun. Puta, adek gw yang 3 tahun lebih muda, justru malah lebih inget, padahal sekitar itu dia umurnya masih 4-5 tahun. Tapi gw inget banget film ini. I mean, selain judulnya, dan nama-nama involved, gw inget ceritanya. Mungkin, filmnya berkesan banget kali ya buat gw dulu.

Anyway, filmnya udah gw download. Tinggal ditonton. Aih deg-degan. 
Wish me luck! xD

Friday, June 15, 2012

First Award Ever

Akhirnya dibikin juga awardnya, maaf ya lamaa >_<

Makasih ya Seky.hei udah mau nge-follow blog ini. :D
Here's  the First Follower Award for you~

I'm not quite sure if I'm doing this right, since this is the very first award I've ever given to anyone. Mohon dimaklumi aja ya segala kekurangannya. Hehe :P

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Artemis Fowl: Opal Deception - Eoin Colfer

Nyerah juga gw akhirnya. Buku ke-4 dari Artemis Fowl Series ini emang udah lama banget diterbitin sama Gramedia, tapi sengaja gak gw beli-beli walaupun gw udah kangen luar biasa sama Arty dan Butler. Why you ask? (padahal gak ada yg nanya *abaikan*) Simply because of the cover design.

Cover-nya kenapa beginiiii? T^T Padahal cover buku 1,2, sama 3 nya udah bagus dan keren banget, tapi kenapa yang ke-4 beginiii.. Gw sengaja gak beli-beli, menunggu Gramedia menyadari kesalahan tolol mereka trus nge-redesign cover-nya biar semodel sama yg sebelum-sebelumnya.

Eeeeh, gak taunya malah muncul yang ke-5 dengan cover senada cover yang ke-4. Man. Baiklah gw nyerah, gw beli.

Mengenai bukunya sendiri sih jelas gak mengecewakan. Di buku ini ceritanya Artemis udah lupa sama dunia peri gara-gara kesepakatan di buku ketiga untuk menghapus ingatan Artemis dan Butler (dan Juliet juga) tentang dunia peri. 

But something happened (of course). Opal Koboi yang disangka koma ternyata kembali dan berencana membalas dendam ke orang-orang (dan peri-peri) yang ngegagalin rencananya di buku kedua, yaitu Komandan Julius Root, Kapten Holly Root, serta Artemis Fowl dan Butler tentunya.

Lucu juga sih baca Artemis yang gak tau apa-apa soal Kaum Bawah tapi tetep sok tau dan nyebelin waktu diselametin sama Holly yang gak dia inget sama sekali.

Dan ada yang matiiii. Dx I couldn't believe it at first, but then it looked real. He's really gone. Dan penggantinya sangat menyebalkan pun. Huh.

Jadi pengen cepet-cepet beli yang kelima, tapi apa daya, diriku sedang sedikit berhemat. Ingin nonton Bigbang, dan Didi ulang tahun minggu depan. Adeuh.

Dan Inheritance udah keluar yang terjemahannya.

I need moneeeyyy~

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Spring in Beijing

Yep, akhirnya.

Bulan April kemaren gw sekeluarga jalan-jalan ke Beijing. Di sana lagi musim semi, jadi asik banget cuacanya adem, well, dingin sebenernya, dingin banget. Dingin dan kering dan berangin.

Kita berangkat dari Soekarno-Hatta tanggal 17 April, tengah malem. Transit di HKIA 3 jam, trus lanjut ke Beijing. Sampe Beijing sekitar jam 1 tanggal 18, capek dan mabok karena turbulens gila-gilaan sepanjang perjalanan Hongkong-Beijing. Rasanya kayak naek bis dan yang bikin tambah kesel, in-flight entertainment nya mati. =_=

Di Beijing, kita pake guide, namanya Sunny. Orangnya masih muda, and I could swear she looked a lot like my friend, Inge. Dia yang nganter kita kemana-mana, dan untunglah kita pake guide karna transportasi umum di Beijing belum se-rapih dan se-informatif Hongkong.

Kita di Beijing 5 hari 5 malem, pulang tanggal 23 pagi dan selama 5 hari itu ke jalan-jalan ke lumayan banyak tempat.

Drum Tower

Houhai Lake

Tiananmen Square

Forbidden City

Great Wall

Summer Palace

The Olympic Green

Temple of Heaven

Wangfujing Street

Kita juga sempet nonton Acrobatic Show sama Kungfu Show. Show nya dua-duanya keren banget. 

Kita juga belanja ke Silk Market, gak cuma sekali, tapi 3 kali. Hari kedua di Beijing kita ke Silk Market, tapi cuma 1 jam aja di sana, dan ibu gw gak puas, oleh-olehnya belom kebeli semua. Dateng lagilah besoknya, cuma   2 jam, belom puas juga. Maka, hari kelima, kita ke sana lagi, and we spent about 4 hours di sana, dan barulah ibu gw merasakan kepuasan batin.

Pedagang di Silk Market terkenal ganas. But you know what, my mom beat 'em all. Bukan berantem ya maksudnya, tapi soal tawar-menawar harga. Ibu gw jago banget nawar, like so super-super jago tak berperasaan. That's why we spent so much time at the market. She loves to shop. Tawaran ibu gw yang paling amazing adalah waktu ibu gw ditawarin jeans seharga 1125 RMB (dikali 1500 Rupiah) dan akhirnya harga belinya cuma 250 RMB, buat 2 jeans. All hail.

We conquered the Silk Market.

Spring di Beijing walopun sangat kering jauh lebih asik cuacanya daripada Summer di Hongkong 2 tahun yang lalu. Except for when it's raining. Rain in spring is a total nightmare. Dingin luar biasa dan taksi gak mau berhenti. Taksi di Beijing bener-bener nguji kesabaran. Pilih-pilih penumpang banget. Nyebelin deh pokoknya.

Kalo soal makanan, selama di Beijing kita selalu makan di restoran muslim. Bukan yang restoran muslim Arab gitu juga, jadi gak makan kebab dkk juga selama di sana. Makanannya enak-enak sih menurut gw. Dan ada satu makanan yang rasanya kayak ayam balado Padang, believe it or not. Enak banget. I gained almost 3 kilos from the trip, but I regret nothing. Nyamnyam.

Kita berangkat dari Beijing tanggal 23, transit lagi di HKIA, dan sampe Jakarta sekitar jam 10 malem. Begitu sampe Jakarta yang sangat panas dan lembab, kita langsung nyari restoran Padang. It's like a habit. Tiap abis liburan, pasti langsung ke restoran Padang. It's not like Beijing's food were bad, it's just a habit. Silly, I know.

All in all, liburan ke Beijing kemaren lumayan asik. Tiada insiden berarti, cuma Didi aja yang jatoh di tangga subway, but nothing serious.

Jadi pengen liburan lagi.. Ke pantai...

P.s. belakangan post gw panjang melulu, fufufufu. *gak penting*

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